1.Many borders will quickly weed over as the warm weather starts to kick in. I suggest that once the weeds have been cleared a good 50-75 mm depth of bark mulch or mushroom compost should be put around the plants to inhibit any further weed growth and retain moisture within the soil. Bare soil will quickly weed over unless you are someone who is happy to spend your weekends hoeing through borders.

2. April is a great time to undertake improvements to your lawn. Top dressing bare areas and seeding them while the weather is mild is a great investment of your time. Don’t cut your lawn mower too low as the first cut should just tidy up the appearance of the lawn. Over the coming month the height of your grass cutting should gradually reduce until you reach the required height. A spring weed feed and mosskill would also be a good idea to undertake in April.

3. If you have a pond now is a good time to clear weed that has built up. I have just removed the net from my pond and have found weed growing through the mesh. I will put on a pair of waders and clear some of the excess weed leaving enough in the pond to keep the water clear. April is also a good time to lift your Lilly’s and divide them to give more coverage.

If you have any need of advise or help with undertaking any spring improvements to your garden please don’t hesitate to contact C & A Landscapes.

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Enjoy your garden!