C & A Landscapes is a company that can provide a wide variety of garden services which are required by many of our clients. These services do not form the core of our business but provide additional support for our maintenance service contracts. With our highly trained garden operatives we can provide hanging baskets for many Hotels, Green Wall maintenance on our hospital site to gutter clearance on a number of the commercial and residential buildings that we maintain. Outlined below are the other landscaping services that we can offer you.

We have operatives who are qualified to use Cherry Pickers allowing them to access work to a height of 18 metres. This work includes the clearing of gutters on commercial and residential buildings removing soil debris and vegetation. All material that we remove is taken off site to our recycling yard. Ladders are no longer a safe option for undertaking this type of work with Cherry Pickers being a much better option. We also maintain Green Walls which are specially planted wall installations where plants are set out in thousands of planting pouches that cover a complete wall. We maintain 4 walls which are approximately 18 metres in height pruning the plants, checking the watering system and keeping the plants fed to provide a spectacular presentation.
We provide a white lining service in Kent and East Sussex setting out or remarking car parks, pedestrian crossings, yellow parking lines etc. The sites where we provide this service include Retail Parks, Hospital sites, Schools and Business Parks. The work normally includes the removal of the old lines which are then re marked with Thermoplastic paint which dries very quickly and is very hard wearing. We can provide lettering plus provide a wide variety of colours depending on the site requirements. Thermoplastic paint works best on tarmac surfaces but is not as successful on block paving. On this surface we use a specialised paint which is applied without the heat required for tarmac surfaces.
C & A Landscapes provide hanging baskets for a number of Hotels and other commercial buildings in Kent. These provide an attractive seasonal display throughout the summer and again in the winter months. The plants are developed in our own greenhouses and the baskets are put together by our gardening operatives. Our displays are set up at the front of the reception areas of Hotels, pubs or private buildings and bring colour throughout the year. We also can install watering systems for installations that we set up running pipework from an outside tap enabling each basket to be supplied with the correct amount of water at particular times during the day. A small digitally controlled unit is attached to the tap to control the time and flow rate of the water.
Japanese Knotweed is a dangerous invasive weed that can cause tremendous damage to land and property. In recent years this weed has often led to situations where before a property could be sold mortgage companies have stated that the weed must be cleared from the site before it will allow a sale to occur. There are two ways which are normally used to clear knotweed one is to excavate a large amount of soil around the plant in the hope that the extensive roots can be cleared from the site and the other method is to use chemical treatments. Our company will always look to treat the Knotweed with chemical with regular treatments until the weed is weakened and then killed. We then visit the site on an annual basis to check that there has been no return of the weed and provide certification to confirm this.
C & A Landscapes provide a full pressure washing service which is often provided to clear the build up of Algae and Moss on patios, pathways and walls. Great care is taken to reduce any damage to loose pointing by first treating any area with a special cleaning product which loosens much of the ingrained material. This service can be provided at any time of the year but we find that autumn and spring are times when algae is particularly a problem creating slippery and dangerous surfaces. If pressure washing is required to block paved areas a sanding process is often required after the cleaning is complete. We can provide this service using Kiln dried sand to secure the block paving.