C & A Landscapes can undertake a variety of landscaping services in additional to Landscape Maintenance. Our experienced gardening teams can undertake planting, turfing, mulching, seeding and more to keep the customer happy. In addition to this we provide a Landscape Design Service which can transform your garden from the tired and uninspiring, to a place where you can relax and entertain.

C & A Landscapes can provide a garden design service. Firstly a site meeting will take place to determine the clients requirements and from this a design will be provided. Regular discussions will be needed to make sure the design provides a garden that sticks to the budget set and provides the many planting and structural aspects that the client might require. If we are the chosen contractor to install the design then regular consultation throughout the project is essential. Our operatives provide a high level of workmanship whether it be laying slabs, constructing retaining walls, building pathways or constructing timber structures.
We can provide a planting plan for your borders or we can simply provide plants that you specify. The cost for providing these plants will be significantly cheaper than buying direct from a garden centre and we will also provide the expertise to set them out to provide the best display. Understanding where plants should be positioned or when they flower or even what would be the best plant for the soil you have, are all a part of the gardening service we provide. We can also provide an ongoing maintenance service for the area that has been planted. It is often a good idea to have expertise to guide the maintenance of planted areas if you are to get the best from your investment.
We can provide a variety of mulching alternatives to enhance the planting in your garden. High quality bark mulch can provide a great finish to any border, covering the bare soil to a depth of between 50 and 75mm. This mulch will help to suppress weed growth and maintain moisture within the soil. Other mulches that can be provided are mushroom mulch and recycled compost. It important that good quality mulch is used around plants because poor quality bark can poison or damage plants. Also poor quality bark mulch tends to break down and disintegrate within a couple of years. Good quality bark should last over four years but will normally need topping up at some stage.
We use the best quality turf cut from the Romney Marshes providing a high quality lawn. Our Landscape gardeners will prepare the ground, adding top soil if required, levelling and firming the ground before laying the new turf. Careful use of scaffold boards by our operatives ensures there is no damage to the turf during installation. In recent years the installation of artificial lawns has become popular and we can install these lawns but it is often preferable to have a natural area that the whole family can enjoy. It is true that artificial lawns do require less maintenance so are a sensible alternative especially if you only have a small area which gets constant use.
As an alternative to turfing, grass seeding can be used. The best times to undertake this work is late August through to October when there is more moisture and warmth to enable germination. Successful seeding can also take place from March through to the end of April again when there is likely to be more moisture than in the summer months. If the client is able to water the seeded area then this time period can be extended to at least the end of May. We can also provide wild flower seeding if required but it is noted that excellent ground preparation and plant selection are required as grass can often suppress new seed germination and growth.
Our garden operatives can provide specialist pruning making sure your plants are maintained in the correct manner. Whether it be your Roses, Wisteria, Clematis or even your fruit trees we can undertake this work so that the plants grow at their best throughout the year. If pruning is not undertaken properly plants can become overgrown with dead or damaged stems. We will ensure that the plants are trained properly if required using wires or gardening twine to encourage a particular shape or form.