09 May 2021

C & A Landscapes May 2021 Gardening Tips

Planting New Shrubs

As growing conditions to improve in May with more sunshine plus an increase in rainfall it is a good time to plant new shrub beds. I always recommend planting small plants that can establish themselves without too much care. The larger the plant the more watering and general maintenance is required to enable it to establish. A great local nursery for perennials and climbers is Wood Cottage in Nettlestead who have plants from as little as £1.50 with a great variety to select from.

Lawn Care

Lawns need an early season weed and feed treatment to get them off to a good start. A liquid or granulated formulation can be used. We normally spray the lawned area with a good lawn feed and then ten days later follow this with a selective spray of the weeds. All in one granulated treatments can be purchased from any good DIY stores.


Do not be too impatient to cut the stems of Daffodils, Snowdrops and Bluebells after they have finished flowering. You need to leave at least six weeks to allow all the goodness to be retained by the bulbs in order that you can be sure that they will flower again next year.

We hope you gained some helpful advice from our May gardening tips.


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09 May 2021

Spring’s growth burst brings new landscape maintenance opportunities

May has at last brought sunshine and rainfall and Spring is now in a hurry to catch up. Our operatives have found April a quiet month waiting for grass, shrubs and weeds to start their normal Spring burst of growth but we have been busy responding to many opportunities to price work for new residential and commercial clients. It looks like 2021 is going to be a very busy year.

Maidstone Grounds Maintenance Team

We have noticed a growth in residential opportunities as each week we receive phone calls requesting turfing, garden renovation and garden maintenance work. We have undertaken further garden clearance work at a Headcorn site, which is a project we started in late March. We took a mini digger with breaker attachment through the residents garage into their back garden and broke up an old patio plus brick walls. We used a tracked high tip dumper to clear all the material into the front garden where it was removed by a grab lorry. We then transported 5 tons of type 1 roadstone through the garage to compact and create a base for a new patio.

Our Maidstone landscaping team have also undertaken a number of turfing projects which have transformed a variety of gardens. In addition to thiswe have also been asked to reinstate a number of neglected gardens including a garden in Bluebell Hill which required a tidy up and makeover.

For more information on our turfing services head to: https://candalandscapes.co.uk/services/soft-landscaping/

For more information on our garden renovation services head to: https://candalandscapes.co.uk/services/garden-clearance/

Canterbury Landscape Maintenance Team

We have priced two large residential developments for a new property management company in the centre of Canterbury. We seem to be seeing more opportunities in Canterbury, Whitstable and Margate as the demand for new housing in these areas increases. Our Canterbury landscaping team have been undertaking early hedge trimming prior to the bird nesting season at a number of sites in Margate. We have also won a large contract at a Faversham development which started on the 1st April which includes large residential blocks with gardens situated around the buildings.

Gravesend Landscape Maintenance Team

The Gravesend grounds maintenance team has undertaken a number of stump grinding jobs in Gravesend and Bexleyheath. These have been undertaken where trees have been felled but a stump has been left in the garden. Our team will grind the stump to around 150mm below the surface of the ground. This area of ground is then backfilled with top soil and seeded. We have also undertaken a number of fencing jobs in Bexleyheath where we have used close board panels and concrete slotted posts to create an attractive boundary. Our team has also cleared borders and undertaken planting to create borders at a number of the developments we maintain.

For more information on our fencing services head to: https://candalandscapes.co.uk/services/landscape-construction/

Medway Landscape Maintenance Team

It has been a bit of a traumatic month for our Medway team where Andy, the team leader, had a heart attack while working on one of our sites. Luckily he was rushed to hospital and has made a good recovery and is keen to return to work. Three stents have given him a new lease of life and we are thankful that Ian, his fellow team member, was able to react to the situation so quickly!

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05 Apr 2021

C & A Landscapes Completed Works Round Up March 2021

Medway Fencing Team

Our Medway Landscaping Team has been constructing fencing at the Medway City Estate during March replacing old and dangerous will solid dependable protection. See photos below. In addition to the fencing work this team has been busy preparing for the new season which due to the cold weather has been slow to start. Early spraying of the sites with Glysophate as early weed growth occurs helps to keep the team fully up to date with the maintenance of the sites.

Maidstone Landscape Maintenance Team

Our Maidstone team has taken on  number of new residential developments in the Allington area. These contracts begin on April 1st and we are looking forward to working closely with new clients. C & A Landscapes are always looking to develop new relationships with developers, schools, management companies or residential clients. This year has seen a growth particularly in residential interest in the Maidstone area with a number of large individual properties requiring our attention.

Canterbury Grounds Maintenance Team

The Canterbury Team have taken on a number of new sites in Whitstable and Faversham. This particular team are helping to expand our service to the East of Kent undertaking regular work in Margate. The Canterbury team also looks after sites in Folkestone, Hythe and Ashford in addition to work in Canterbury City Centre. They have an interesting project starting this month on a roof garden in the centre of the city. Unfortunately for the client a company had destroyed a special planted area by cutting down established Wisteria growing on wire trellis. They had thought the climber was a weed and removed everything thus leading to the insurance job we have now taken on.

Gravesend Garden Clearance & Turfing Team

The Gravesend team has undertaken a number of garden restoration and turfing jobs in the Bexley area. The photos below show the team working in very difficult conditions where poor soil had to be enriched before turfing could take place. Half the garden had decent soil and the other half had a clay mixture. Rotavating was difficult through this material so we added a number of bags of good quality topsoil purchased from Travis Perkins. This lightened the soil and enabled the team to create a really good quality finish which can be viewed in the pictures below.

Lawn Preparation Rotavation Video

Tunbridge Wells Grounds Maintenance Team

The Tunbridge Wells team has completed the planting of the bank they had prepared in February. Over 250 selected grasses were set out to provide a feature border at the nursing home. This planting was a real challenge for the team as the plan provided by the plant supplier had missed off a large section of the area to be planted. Paul, the team leader had to reorganise the whole planting scheme to enable the plants to cover the bank. The client was very happy with the final design adjustments.

C & A Landscapes Construction Team

Our Construction team has had a very busy March undertaking fencing jobs in Bexley aswell as clearance work in Headcorn. The pictures below show a garden in Bexleyheath where the client required a replacement rear fence to blend with the sides of her garden and also to provide a hard standing area for her pots. We decided to use Charcoal coloured slate for the hard standing which provides a great contrast to the fence and also an excellent surface to place the clients favourite planted pots.

The Headcorn clearance job required a mini digger to clear the front garden of all vegetation and also to access the rear garden through the clients garage. The rear garden was in a terrible state which we managed to clear within two days. All green waste was brought back to our recycling centre in Hollingbourne.

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